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This is Social Anxiety

I panic in the corner while Cate Cameron takes my photo. Also, tickets are on sale for the Social Anxiety Hour’s next episode on October 16 at Vancouver’s ANZA Club. You can get them here: socialanxiety.brownpapertickets.com

F for February!

Though it rates very low in relative popularity compared to other months ending in “y”, February consistently ranks at the top of months beginning with F. We celebrate February and it’s dualities and a host of other words beginning in F including fake, false, failure, fiasco and, perhaps incongruously, flapjack. In other words, February is…

Wishing You A New Year!


Out with the old, in with the same-ole, same-ole. As we all bid a heartfelt good riddance to 2012, I find myself in a reflective mood. Don’t get me wrong, I am not reflecting on the year that was but rather on the one yet to unfold. Can one reflect on the future? Yes, when…

It’s Happening Again!

Who will be at this month’s Social Anxiety Hour?  Simone Bailly, Arabella Bushnell, Brad Dryborough, Alison Jenkins, David Milchard, Christina Sicoli and more.  It’s jam-packed with excitement and a deep sense of self-loathing.  Reserve in advance to save on tickets.  Call 604-376-3729.

Fail, fail again. Fail better.

On Sunday 21 October 2012, for more than sixty minutes starting from 7:30 PM, Vancouver’s Waldorf Hotel hosts the inaugural Kris Elgstrand’s Social Anxiety Hour. The evening will feature a variety of bathetic music and side-splitting yet heart-breaking comedic performances from such guests as Brad Dryborough, Christina Sicoli, David Milchard, Arabella Bushnell and more. Kris…